Does this sound familiar…..

So it’s becoming apparent that i have a very unhealthy evening routine. After dinner every night we have a little play time with our daughter followed by a story and then tuck Violet up all snugly in her bed (of course this bit is ok, it’s what happens next that is the problem).

No sooner has her little head hit the pillow when i whip out the laptop. I firstly log on to Facebook to check status updates, how many fans i have and the stats on how many people are hiding the posts of A Little Bit of Cheek. I then open another tab and log on to Skout to check out what questions are being asked, what responses people are posting, who’s signed up etc (this usually takes a while by the time i add my two bobs worth). Next its a new tab for Twitter to see who’s logged on, RT a few posts and add a few posts. Then of course i open another tab to log on to my blog to see if i have any new followers and see if anyone i am following has added any new posts.

The worst thing about this is i then spend the rest of my night flicking between all the pages waiting for someone to add something new. This can’t be healthy. By the time i finally turn the laptop off and crawl up the stairs to bed my mind is racing and it takes hours to unwind and fall asleep.

Am i the only one….. or does this sound familiar?

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