I went shopping at LOVESTAMP!!!!!

Yesterday I received my purchase from Lovestamp and what more can I say than I LOVE IT! But before I start raving about my purchase I would like to firstly say what a lovely lady Jo is. Jo is the brains behind Lovestamp. She creates custom pieces which are just gorgeous.

I emailed Jo a few weeks ago because I wanted to buy my sister something for her birthday but could not decide on a style. Jo responded with heaps of ideas and options which allowed me to have something made that was personal and fabulous. Once I decided on what to get my sister I couldn’t be left out so I ordered something for myself as well.

I brought us both bracelet’s, mine with my daughters name in a heart and a purple swarovski crystal because her name is Violet. For my sister I got two circles with her girls names on them and swarovski crystals matching their birth stones. Luckily for me my sister doesn’t read my blog because her birthday is not for another week so she hasn’t seen her bracelet yet and I want it to be a surprise (well at least I think she doesn’t read my blog)

With so many options for guys and girls you are sure to find something that you or someone special will love.

I know I did!

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