Shoes glorious shoes…..

How excited am I with my latest shoes purchase…. and they aren’t even for me!

I was looking everywhere for a cool pair of shoes for Violet to wear this summer. Something that would match her JettRoc dresses besides her converse high tops.

Does anyone else share my dilemma. I am not into girlie stuff, so flowers and bows were out. All the sandals I looked at for girls were sparkly pretty pink things and were NOT going to do the job. I had all but given up when I decided to put my search out there to the twitter community.

How lucky that was. Someone suggested I check out Yunginz and to be honest I was sceptical given I had found nothing remotely like what I was looking for. Anyway to my surprise I found EXACTLY what I was after….. The Gladette Sandal!

I fell in love and jumped on board and ordered them directly through Jenny. Even better than these fabulous shoes was the fact that I also received a FREE pair of shoes. Until the end of February 2010 or until sold out, Yunginz are giving a free pair of shoes (you have a choice of three) to every customer that purchases a pair of shoes from the new spring/summer range.

Not only do Yunginz have a great range of shoes for boys and girls and a great FREE offer they also have EXCELLENT customer service. Jenny was so friendly and helpful that I will without a doubt be shopping at Yunginz again.

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