Baby & Kids Sunglasses

Summer is here!!!

It’s time to have some family fun time at the beach, park or just in your back garden. But don’t forget to protect your kids from the harmful ultraviolet rays. It’s not just about a hat and sunscreen…… What about their eyes?

How about a pair of FUNKY Frankie Ray shades?

Kids of all ages around Australia are falling in love with these shades. Frankie Ray has created a designer inspired collection for both boys and girls , who want to protect their ‘peepers’ while still looking cool.

All lenses are made from impact resistant polycarbonate and offer 100% ultraviolet protection (in compliance with Australian standards)

A Little Bit of Cheek is very excited to be stocking a great range of styles and they are running out the door. So grab your kids a pair today, they would make a great Christmas pressie!

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