Reward Charts

Exclusive Rockin Reward Charts have arrived!!!

Who doesn’t like EXCLUSIVE?

I know I do!

I have teamed up with online parenting website Little Billies to produce an exclusive range of rock-inspired reward charts.

The Rock Star, Rock Dude and Rock Chick charts are available exclusively at A Little Bit of Cheek and come in a range of colours to suit every little rock star personality.

The charts have taken on a personality of their own and will definitely engage the toddlers who are the up and coming rockers of this world. So if your rock star needs taming, be sure to check out these creative and funky designs!

“Our charts are a great way to recognise and reward good behaviour in young children.”

Little Billies specialises in products that reinforce good attitudes and behaviours in children and help make parenting as positive experience.

The Rock Star Reward Charts include an A4 magnetised sheet, with 48 magnets to suit a range of good behaviours, and are available exclusively from A Little Bit of Cheek for $24.95.

If you would like to pre order stage 2 rocking reward charts send an email to as they will be available in a few weeks.

What a great stocking filler for the kids!

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