20 weeks and counting!

So i am now 20 weeks pregnant. We had our 19 week scan and bubs is doing great. Once again we decided to have another surprise. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if we have a boy or a girl. There is positives for both. We already have a daughter and we have kept all her baby stuff so we wouldn’t need to buy as much new stuff. On the down side it’s not fair to give this baby all hand me downs. If it’s a boy… great we would have one of each, but all those things we have been keeping will be straight off to the Good Will store as there is way too much pink!
This baby is super active! I don’t really remember my daughter moving around so much and i certainly don’t remember it hurting when she got it an uncomfortable position. But this bubs likes to remind me she/he is around.
20 weeks in and heartburn has kicked in. Not just the occasional bout of heartburn i mean 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So looks like i am back to swigging a bottle of Mylanta! As for the varicose veins, my legs look more black than any other colour. Once our baby is born it will be off for another round of painful injections to get the veins to disappear.
Don’t get me wrong i am so excited to be having another baby. I guess i had blocked out all the things that happen along the way. And i will never understand the saying ‘your glowing’ when you’re pregnant because i can assure you i am anything but!

2 thoughts on “20 weeks and counting!

  1. Congratulations!! I didn't realise you were expecting, so excited for you! Peace xx

  2. OMG 20 weeks already!!! It seems to have gone so fast (Although for you it probably feels like a long time) Good luck for the second half of your pregnancy 🙂
    Love the ultrasound pic 🙂

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