What was i doing three years ago today???

Three years ago today was the most life changing day of my life.  I became a mother!  My beautiful little girl was born at 11.54pm.  I can’t believe three years have past already.  Perhaps because the first year was a bit of a blur due to a lack of sleep. 

Nothing beats watching your child grow and their personalities emerging.  I know i am bias however Violet is the cheekiest little girl who is so loving and caring.  Every day she comes up with something new to make me laugh, whether it is a silly dance or changing the words to some song.

She has filled my life in a way i never anticipated. 

Happy Birthday my beautiful big girl.  I love you more than anything in this world xxx

1 thought on “What was i doing three years ago today???

  1. Congrats on your princess' 3rd birthday. My eldest one turned 3 just last week and I have been reflecting on the last 3 years. They have been the most amazing and challenging 3 years of my life but I have just loved it.

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