Rockabye Baby Lullaby Cds

Are you a fan of Black Sabbath or Kanye West?

Rockabye Baby! has a few new releases that are now available in store.  As you know at A Little Bit of Cheek we stock the entire Rockabye Baby range.  Personally i am not a fan of Kanye West, nor do i think he rocks however i do know he has a lot of fans.  So if you love ‘Gold Digger’ ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Homecoming’ just to name a few then you will want to introduce your little one to this lullaby cd.

For all the Black Sabbath fans i think your going to love this cd.  Once again Rockabye Baby has transformed timeless rock songs from Black Sabbath such as ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’ ‘Wicked World’ and ‘Sweet Leaf’ just to name a few into beautiful instrumental lullabies.

This is the perfect way to share your love of rock music with the little rocker in your life.

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