Audrey rocks our world!

Finally our family is complete.  Our second daughter was born on the 2/8/2010 at 8.17pm tipping the scales at 3330 kg and 48cm in length.  In the end it seems ‘Audrey Susan’ was in a hurry to meet us but thankfully we were already at the hospital. Unfortuantlt labour came on so quick there was no time for any drugs.

Audrey is the spitting image of her sister so it will be exciting to see her personality develop over the coming years.  Now the fun begins.  Trying to get some normality back in a very caotic household.  So far at night when Audrey cries out and i go to feed her, Violet comes in as well.  Violet seems to want ‘mummy’ a lot more than usual but i guess that is to be expected.  Violet loves her sister so much she can’t keep her hands off her.  She has already changed a nappy, and i am talking about one of the first ones…… YUCK!

So i am pretty sure that this is it for us.  Two kids is enough, especially two girls.  I just hope they grown up to as best friends like my sister and me.  Don’t get me wrong, along the way we fought, but still my childhood would have been very different if i did’nt have my big sister there with me all the way.


3 thoughts on “Audrey rocks our world!

  1. She is absolutely beautiful, well done! I love her name too. As for “two kids”, good luck…I said that too and somehow I ended up with four, LOL! (And they’re all awesome :)) – enjoy your babymoon, hope she feeds and settles well for you!

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