Happy Birthday A Little Bit of Cheek

It’s been a long 12 months for A Little Bit of Cheek but today we are turning one!

The journey started over 12 months ago when i finally decided to take the chance and launch an online kids store.  It’s been so much fun searching the globe for brands that fit the ROCKIN look of A little Bit of Cheek.  It’s even more fun getting to road test these brands on our daughter and nieces.

Along the way i have made some great new friends and some valueable contacts and without these women and the support from my family i may just have thrown my hands up in the air and said it was all too hard.

When we launched we had a small range of brands that has continued to grow throughout the year.  We already have our eye on a few brands for the coming year which we absolutely love so we are sure you will too.  If you have a suggestion of a brand you think would fit A Little Bit of Cheek be sure to let us know.

A Little Bit of Cheek over the past 12 months has evolved into the place to shop for kids that ROCK and because of that i love what i do.  I get so excited when someone sends me an email saying they love A Little Bit of Cheek and the buzz i get when i see our name in a kids magazine is huge.  So regardless of all the bumps in the road i am glad i finally made the decision to start A Little Bit of Cheek.

Hears hoping the next 12 months will bring lot’s of new exciting brands to A Little Bit of Cheek so your little rockers can rock out in style!!!

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