Reward Charts

Does your Rock Star need taming?

Little Billies produce a range of magnetic reward charts and routine charts to help you manage your day.   They specialise in products that reinforce good attitudes and behaviours in children and help make parenting a positive experience.

Speaking from experience i know only too well how hard it can be to tame a toddler and not create further problems.  We used the rock star reward chart to toilet train our daughter when she was two and a half.  She was so excited when she used the toilet she would race out to the fridge to get a new magnet.  When he dad got home from work she was so proud of her chart she would show him all the magnets she got for the day.

With the arrival of our second daughter, our eldest daughter has needed some taming.  Whilst i know it has all been about getting our attention, we had to make sure we didn’t encourage bad behaviour.  Once again the reward chart has been in full swing, rewarding our daughter throughout the day for her good behaviour.

A Little Bit of cheek has been a stockist of these reward charts for some time.  Today we are excited to introduce some new styles.  The Rock Star, Rock Dude and Rock Chick charts (coming soon) are now available in black and silver and they are still exclusively available at A Little Bit of Cheek.

The Rock Star Reward Charts include an A4 magnetised sheet, with 48 magnets to suit a range of good behaviours, and are available exclusively from A Little Bit of Cheek for $29.95

These charts have a personality of their own and will definitely engage the up and coming rockers of this world!   So if your rock star needs taming, be sure to check out these creative and funky designs!

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