Family fun day at the Royal Adelaide show

On Monday we took time away from A Little Bit of Cheek and spent the morning having fun at the Royal Adelaide Show.  It was the first time Violet had been to the show and was the first time we had been to the show as a family.  To say we had fun was an understatement.


I have now realised just how tough Violet is.  She is such a dare devil. She wanted to go on all the rides.  It was mum and dad that were apprehensive about her going on rides by herself at the age of three. 

What if she didn’t like it and started crying or worse still stood up while the ride was going?  To avoid this happening mum got to go on the rides with her.  She LOVED them!  The faster they went the more she laughed.We had the best time.  Violet played the clowns, rode the Ferris Wheel and a few other rides, held a baby chick and patted a cow.  Violet also got her tractor drivers licence LOL.  We finished the day off with the Bertie Beetle show bag.

 It was a great day with the family.

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