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Rock stars in the making…..

A few weeks ago A Little Bit of Cheek teamed up with Natalie from Lily Avenue Photography for our summer photo shoot.  This photo shoot was all about showcasing what’s in store for summer.

The kids were awesome, rockin out and having fun.  Our competition winners Ethan & Lina did a great job along with the other kids; Jai, Carlie, London, Violet, Lotus and Brodie.

The photos represent exactly what A Little Bit of Cheek is all about…… Kids that ROCK! 


Natalie even managed to get some gorgeous shots of our littlest model Brodie.

We have more summer styles still to arrive from brands not yet seen at A Little Bit of Cheek which we are very excited to be stocking….. Sorry but they are still a secret LOL!

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