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Gemellini is TWINtastic!

Last weekend i had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful family for a photo shoot to showcase our new brand Gemellini

Gemellini seeks to serve the growing twin market with innovative fashion solutions for everyday kid life. The fabrics are soft, durable, and washable. The designs are trendy and chic with an edgy rock n roll feel. The concepts capture the way twins are the same, yet different, part of each other and yet completely individual. With this in mind we had to find a set of twins to be the face of Gemellini.

This is where Claudia and Claire stepped in and boy did they do an awesome job.  It was funny watching the way these girls interacted.  It was just so natural for them to be holding hands.

The other great thing to come out of this photo shoot, besides the clothing was the photographer.  Ian and i have been friends since high school so it was a great chance for us to work together.  I think the pictures look awesome! The girls did a fantastic job and the clothing speaks for itself.

Available exclusively at A Little Bit of Cheek this range of rockin’ tees and onesies have been designed with twins in mind.  Available in four designs; Pink Rhythm and Beats, Double Drum, Guitar Babes and Grey Rhythm and Beats.  They are sold in a gift set and the tees compliment each other.  Making them a great gift for twins from newborn to size 4.

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