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Social Studies is just for big kids

Social_Studies_Six_Shapes_teeOver the years there is one question that keeps popping up.

‘But what about the big kids?’

There is so many cool brands of baby and kids clothing on the market in Australia and overseas but they don’t seem to cater for the big kids. Finally i have found some funky threads for the 8 – 12 year olds.

Social Studies have designed a range of cool tees  that we think big kids are going to love. They are perfect for hanging out with mates at the skate park or beach. Just mix them up with a cool pair of shorts and some Vans.

They offer cool, grown up graphics which we think will match well with the Mini Shatsu and Havoc Denim range.

Social Studies is now available on our virtual shelves for $39.95 each.

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