Sonny Angel

Australia is Crazy About Sonny Angels

It seems every six to twelve months a new craze hits the kids of Australia. Shopkins were huge as we Squinkies, but these have both been pushed aside with the arrival of Sonny Angels!

The Sonny Angel doll originated in Japan. Since it’s release there have been in excess of 250 varieties of Sonny Angel mini figurines. The Sonny Angels come in a range of series, some of which are limited editions. Some of the characters are also extremely rare and therefore highly sought after by die hard Sonny Angel lovers.


Sonny Angels are cute and angelic little boys that wear all sorts of headgear. They are sold in blind bags so you can’t see which character you have purchased until you open it. This is all part of the fun and excitement of Sonny Angels!

There are loads of places that you can sell and swap duplicate Sonny Angel dolls, so you don’t have to worry too much about getting doubles either.

Currently there are four different series within the animal Sonny Angel range as well as fruit Sonny Angels, vege Sonny Angels, marine Sonny Angels and the flower Sonny Angels.


They are so cute and hugely addictive. Once you start collecting them you won’t be able to stop!

You can purchase the Sonny Angels on our virtual shelves now, but be warned, they sell out quickly!


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