We Might Be Tiny

We Might Be Tiny Kids Dinnerware

Eating is a necessity but feeding children can be a struggle at times. Let’s face it, it can be down right frustrating at times. What was once their favourite food, has now become their most hated food. Anyone would think you are trying to poison them or something. Does this sound familiar?

Imagine if mealtimes were fun! everyone happily sitting down, eating yummy, healthy meals without all the crying and tantrums.

I can’t promise a miracle, but what i can do is show you some cool new products from the We Might Be Tiny range that kids will love and in turn, you will love too.

We Might Be Tiny started with a range of Placies, not your regular supermarket style, i mean cool kids placemats that will also look amazing in your home. Their is three styles being Bear, Cat and Bunny and each style comes in six colours. These Placies are made from a toxic-free food grade silicone, you can wash them in your dishwasher and they are non-slip. Perfect right!

Recently the We Might Be Tiny range has expanded to include Snackies and Grip Cups. These are the perfect accompaniment to the Placies but are also amazing for those that are on the go. Again they are available in three styles being Bear, Cat and Bunny and each style comes in six colours. The Snackies are both microwave safe and oven safe, so you can heat up meals where ever you may be. Plus as they are freezer safe, you can have them ready and waiting in the freeze, so you can just grab a meal for your little one on the way out the door. So easy!

Because of the fun designs and colours, kids will love the we Might Be Tiny range too.

We have the full We Might Be Tiny range up on our virtual shelves.

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