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Family fun day at the Royal Adelaide show

On Monday we took time away from A Little Bit of Cheek and spent the morning having fun at the Royal Adelaide Show.  It was the first time Violet had been to the show and was the first time we had been to the show as a family.  To say we had fun was an understatement.


I have now realised just how tough Violet is.  She is such a dare devil. She wanted to go on all the rides.  It was mum and dad that were apprehensive about her going on rides by herself at the age of three. 

What if she didn’t like it and started crying or worse still stood up while the ride was going?  To avoid this happening mum got to go on the rides with her.  She LOVED them!  The faster they went the more she laughed.We had the best time.  Violet played the clowns, rode the Ferris Wheel and a few other rides, held a baby chick and patted a cow.  Violet also got her tractor drivers licence LOL.  We finished the day off with the Bertie Beetle show bag.

 It was a great day with the family.

Happy Birthday A Little Bit of Cheek

It’s been a long 12 months for A Little Bit of Cheek but today we are turning one!

The journey started over 12 months ago when i finally decided to take the chance and launch an online kids store.  It’s been so much fun searching the globe for brands that fit the ROCKIN look of A little Bit of Cheek.  It’s even more fun getting to road test these brands on our daughter and nieces.

Along the way i have made some great new friends and some valueable contacts and without these women and the support from my family i may just have thrown my hands up in the air and said it was all too hard.

When we launched we had a small range of brands that has continued to grow throughout the year.  We already have our eye on a few brands for the coming year which we absolutely love so we are sure you will too.  If you have a suggestion of a brand you think would fit A Little Bit of Cheek be sure to let us know.

A Little Bit of Cheek over the past 12 months has evolved into the place to shop for kids that ROCK and because of that i love what i do.  I get so excited when someone sends me an email saying they love A Little Bit of Cheek and the buzz i get when i see our name in a kids magazine is huge.  So regardless of all the bumps in the road i am glad i finally made the decision to start A Little Bit of Cheek.

Hears hoping the next 12 months will bring lot’s of new exciting brands to A Little Bit of Cheek so your little rockers can rock out in style!!!

Audrey rocks our world! 3

Finally our family is complete.  Our second daughter was born on the 2/8/2010 at 8.17pm tipping the scales at 3330 kg and 48cm in length.  In the end it seems ‘Audrey Susan’ was in a hurry to meet us but thankfully we were already at the hospital. Unfortuantlt labour came on so quick there was no time for any drugs.

Audrey is the spitting image of her sister so it will be exciting to see her personality develop over the coming years.  Now the fun begins.  Trying to get some normality back in a very caotic household.  So far at night when Audrey cries out and i go to feed her, Violet comes in as well.  Violet seems to want ‘mummy’ a lot more than usual but i guess that is to be expected.  Violet loves her sister so much she can’t keep her hands off her.  She has already changed a nappy, and i am talking about one of the first ones…… YUCK!

So i am pretty sure that this is it for us.  Two kids is enough, especially two girls.  I just hope they grown up to as best friends like my sister and me.  Don’t get me wrong, along the way we fought, but still my childhood would have been very different if i did’nt have my big sister there with me all the way.


2010 World T-Shirt Tour

{KID} INDEPENDENT World T-Shirt Tour for 2010 is on now!

The t-shirt has long been a valiant form of self-expression for chic little folk with oodles of personality. Whether it be cute and quirky, kitsch or cool, or wild and witty, there’s a t-shirt design out there that speaks to your little one’s style.

At Kids Independant they are so besotted with the humble t-shirt that they have decided to take you on a World T-shirt Tour. Kicking off in Sydney, Australia and trekking through New Zealand, the USA {stopping for a spot of surfing in Hawaii}, on to Canada, and across to the UK… meeting a new indie designer at every port and collecting one of their coolest tees.

The fun starts on 1 July, 2010 and runs for thirty-one fun filled days. Each Thursday during July they will introduce you to a new bunch of independent designers. You’ll have the opportunity to check out their fly designs and also the chance to win a t-shirt from their current collection… that’s thirty-one indie designers, thirty-one fun-filled days and thirty-one free t-shirts! Yee Gads, that’s exciting!

A Little Bit of Cheek has one of our ROCKIN tees up for grabs as well from our Love Police collection, so make sure you get on board this fantasic competition.

First cinema experience for Violet

Last week i took my 3 year old daughter to see Shrek Forever After at the cinemas.  This was her very first cinema experience and to be honest i wasn’t convinced she would sit through the whole movie.  I chose Shrek because she has just about worn out 1, 2 & 3 so i at least knew she loves Shrek.

Even before Violet was born i had a big DVD collection of animated movies, I just love them.  I am so excited to finally be able to see these movies on the big screen with someone who loves them as much as me.

Thankfully the cinema was pretty empty.  Violet was super excited and all the way through the ads she asked when was Shrek coming.  As soon as the movie started she settled into her chair and munched her packet of twisties.  Besides one or two questions the only other thing that came out of her mouth was laughter!!!

The movie in itself was good so i would highly recommend you grab your toddler and let them enjoy the cinema experience.  Just to give you a little rundown of the movie basically Shrek is bored with his domesticated life and signs a contract with deal-maker Rumpelstiltskin to get back to feeling like a real ogre again, but when he’s duped and sent to a twisted version of Far Far Away — where Rumpelstiltskin is king, ogres are hunted, and he and Fiona have never met — he sets out to restore his world and reclaim his true love.

Toy Story 3 came out last week so if bubs still hasn’t arrived in the next few weeks i will take Violet to see that…. once the school holidays are finished of course.

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Happy Mother’s Day xxx 2

Happy mother’s day to my mum who is the most FABULOUS mum in the world. I hope i can do a great job like she did.

This is four generations in my family starting with my grandma, my mum, my sister and me, then my two nieces and my daughter and that surprise in my belly.

So to all the mums out their today is our day because we have the most important job in the world and we deserve a day to be spoilt! And to all those mums to be…… you wait it’s the most rewarding, amazing feeling in the world.

A day out at an Adelaide icon…. 1

So the question was where to go in Adelaide on a public holiday with kids?

The same place everyone went…… The Big Rocking Horse!

Just in case you don’t know what i am talking about this is the Big Rocking Horse.

An Adelaide Icon!

Located 30 minutes out of Adelaide in the town of Gumeracha.  Of course if you’re not scared of heights you can climb to the top of the horses head.  Given that i am 26 weeks pregnant i opted to stay on the ground while hubby took our little rock chick up the horse.

We went with my sister, brother in law and two little rock chick nieces and had a great day.  The kids loved climbing the rocking horse, they loved feeding the animals as well but the highlight was the pony ride.

This was Violets first pony ride and although she is three she is quite small so they helmet kept falling off and she was slipping all over the place as her feet couldn’t reach the stirps.  In saying that i don’t think i have ever heard her laugh so much.

It was the highlight of my already great day.