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Nail polish safe for kids

Kids love dressing up and role playing and painting their nails is all part of the game.  This is such a fun time for kids.  A chance to express their personalities and experiment.  There is nothing wrong with this, in fact its all part of the fun of growing up. But what do you do when it comes to your kids wanting to use your smelly nail polishes?

This is what i came up against at A Little Bit of Cheek when my girls were younger.  So i looked around for safe nail polish for kids and came up trumps when i discovered Hopscotch Kids.

It is the premier non-toxic, kid-friendly alternative to solvent-based nail polish. At A Little Bit of Cheek we have been stocking Hopscotch Kids for many years and customers repeatedly come back for more.  Hopscotch Kids contains none of the chemicals found in typical nail polish. That harsh smell is gone, but vibrant colour is not!

Available in 19 colours Hopscotch Kids non toxic nail polish would make a cool gift for girls of all ages, especially the twin pack and triple pack. Also available is the Soy Nail Polish remover and a glitter top coat (for a little added sparkle)

Check out the entire range at online kids store A Little Bit of Cheek and we will deliver it worldwide.

Non-Toxic kids nail polish just got better

We love kids non-toxic nail polish from Hopscotch Kids, and it just got better!

With three new colours added to the range, the choices are endless for your little rocker.  My personal favourite is the Flying Purple People Eater, because i just love purple.  In saying that, Row Row Row Your Boat is beautiful as well.  Best of all kids can choose from a huge range of vibrant colours and parents can rest assured that these eco-friendly, non-toxic nail polishes will not harm out children.

These new colours along with the rest of the Hopscotch Kids Nail Polish Range are available online for $15.95.  You can mix and match these colours to make up a twin pack or triple pack which would be a cool gift idea for girls of all ages.

Valentines Day for Little Rockers

Gemellini Guitar Babes T-shirt RRP $62.00

Hopscotch Kids Red Rover Red Rover Nail Polish RRP $17.95

Pork Chop Hearts Thigh High Socks RRP $16.00

Frankie Ray Lulu in Love Sunglasses RRP $29.95

Elodie Details Dummy & Dummy Clip

Chic by Sha Red Pettiskirt RRP $90.00 – On Sale $49.95

Il Tutto Red Nico Tote RRP $249.00

Hopscotch Kids Twin & Triple packs

We have been stocking the Hopscotch Kids non toxic kids nail polish for a long time and we noticed a lot of our customers buy in bulk.  I guess this makes sense given all girls love rainbows and with 16 vibrant colours in stock it would be so hard to choose just one colour.

Now we stock the Hopscotch Kids Twin Pack which consists of any two nail polishes, a 2 oz bottle of Soy Nail Polish Remover and a FREE nail buffer.  All packaged in a gift box.  The best bit is the price…… $34.95 which is a saving of 15%

If you want more there is the Hopscotch Kids Triple Pack which consists of any three nail polishes and a FREE nail buffer, all packaged together in a gift box. The best bit is the price…… $44.95 which is a saving of 20%

Hopscotch Kids spring colours have arrived!


Hopscotch Kids nail polish has a new spring range……..

You Are My Sunshine

Strawberry Shortcake, Huckleberry Pie

I’m A Little Dutch Girl

Hopscotch Kids Nail Polish is the premier non-toxic, kid-friendly alternative to solvent-based nail polish. Their water-based formula is free of the harsh, smelly chemicals that most nail polishes contain, helping condition your little one’s nails with long-lasting, vibrant colour. Hopscotch Kids nail polishes contain none of the chemicals found in typical nail polish. They are “3 Free” as well as free of ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, nitrocellulose, acetone, and heavy metals.

All three eco-friendly kids nail polishes are $17.95 each and are available online now along with the entire range .

Christmas Gift ideas for teen girls!

If your looking for something unique to buy for your teenage girl this Christmas then check out our top 8 picks from A Little Bit of Cheek!


JettRoc ‘Make it Loud’ rara dress RRP $ 47.95

Frankie Ray Red Sassy sunglasses RRP $29.95

Two Belles Hippy Denim Shorts RRP $59.95 On Sale $53.00

Chic By Sha Black Skull & Roses pettiskirts RRP $90.00 On Sale $79.90

Amplified Kids Rolling Stones UH Flag T-Shirt RRP $34.95

Hopscotch Kids MIss Mary Mack nail polish RRP $17.95

Oscar Blue Hot Pink Rockstar Headband RRP $14.00

Micro Me Pretty in Punk Tank RRP $29.00


Christmas Gift ideas for tween girls!

Are you stuck for cool gift ideas for a the tween girl?

Check out our top 8 picks for Christmas from A Little Bit of Cheek!


Pink Rock Star Sterling Silver Earrings RRP $15.50

Ranbow Fedora RRP $20.00

Chaser Kids Nirvana Smiley T-Shirt RRP $27.95

Guitar Softie RRP $49.95

Hopscotch Kids glitter top coat RRP $17.95

Princesse Rock n Roll Love dress RRP $52.50

Micro Me Fuschia Plaid Ruffle Skirt RRP $35.00

Frankie Ray Green Coco sunglasses RRP $29.95


Eco-Friendly nail polish that ROCKS!

All girls love to dress up and express their personalities and at $17.95 these nail polishes are the perfect accessory for girls of all ages.

Hopscotch Kids nail polish is the premier non-toxic, eco-friendly alternative to solvent-based nail polish. The water-based formula is free of the harsh, smelly chemicals that most nail polishes contain, helping condition your little one’s nails with long-lasting vibrant colour. Hopscotch Kids is free of toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, acetone, FD&C, coal tar and lake colours – so it’s good for kids, and good for the Earth.

Hopscotch Kids nail polishes only contains three ingredients, water, acrylic polymer and non-toxic colourants. They are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, fragrance free and biodegradable touch dry in three minutes.

The bottles are specially designed, lead-free Italian glass bottles with kid sized applicators, every detail has been thought out to make dress up and play time as enjoyable for parents as it is for kids.

Hopscotch Kids nail polish comes in 11 vibrant colours that have been playfully named after nursery rhymes and schoolyard games such as:

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Ice Cream Soda Pop

‘Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum

Red Rover Red Rover

Say, say oh playmate

Head up, seven up

Eenie meenie minie moe

Three sailors went to sea, sea, sea

Ink a bink a bottle of ink

Miss mary mack

Peter, peter pumpkin eater

So let your rock chick express her personalilty with this fun range of nail polish designed just for kids…… because girls just want to have fun!